Akripol Digital Color Palette

Our esteemed business partner, 

Technological advancements of our day have resulted in significant changes in the lives of all individuals as well as the means of conducting business in many sectors and it is well-known that individuals and companies that are able to keep pace with these changes are more successful. 

As AkzoNobel Kemipol Inc., we always strived to be the pioneer of the Automotive Refinishes sector through the utilization of the latest technologies with both our export brands Sikkens and Dynacoat as well as our local brand Akripol. 

In this scope, we are presenting Akripol Digital Color Palette application to our customers as our latest technological service. Our Akripol Digital Color Palette can be used with all mobile devices (smart phones and tablets). It can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play. Through Akripol Digital Color Palette it is possible to have access to the color visuals of all our Solid Color and Basecoat colors in addition to information such as model name, color code and price group. In addition, it is also very easy to access the vehicle color codes by selecting the vehicle brand in addition to the technical information ono topcoats and clearcoats. 
In addition to our digital color palette, we will also continue serving our esteemed business partners with our visual color palette. We hereby wish you prosperous business transactions.